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We, the LIVING RIVERS Foundation are committed to the protection of natural river landscapes and rehabilitation of degraded rivers. Support us and share our passion for these precious eco-systems!

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Our Focus in 2015

In 2015 our focus was


Living Rivers in Urban Areas.

Urban Rivers have to fulfil even more roles than rivers in an open landscape. They provide space for adventure and recreation; they help to discharge floods and provide important habitats for animals and plants. In addition they are required to be aesthetically pleasing. More and more cities and communities re-discover their rivers and streams as valuable open spaces in an urban environment; as a space to recuperate and a meeting point for social and cultural activities. Read more.

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We are awarding outstanding research in the field of river management.

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I am convinced that if there are enough people working together and advocating natural rivers, we can change a lot.
Stephan von Keitz - LR Founder

VjolaSaliaga Water is life. We need to protect this vital resource in order to secure a good living environment ...
Vjola Saliaga - LR Member

My motivation is to give an understanding of river habitats and share the knowledge and passion for this fascinating world...
Tanja Pottgiesser - LR Member

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Invasive Species
(as featured in our latest newletter)
Just recently we submitted a successful press release about the threat of alien species in our rivers. It was picked up for example by n24.
Photo: DPA   Phote: Heike Kappes_Senckenberg
To date around 150 invasive species are known to be found in German water bodies, with an increasing number each year. The spread of alien plants and animals is among other factors expedited by global trade. Aquatic neobiota is mainly dispersed by navigation activities.
This has not only ecological but also economical consequences as demonstrated by the Quagga mussel in the River Rhine, which grows on artificial substrate and can impair the operation of sluice gates.
Alien species are densely occurring in heavily modified rivers.
In some cases the native species cannot compete with often generalist neobiota which leads to decrease of native biota.
To counter this trend, communities should keep up the effort in restoring rivers and streams. Offering nature-like and type-specific habitat structures will support the native biota.

Created: 13/02/2016

Elwha River - Roaring back to life

Newsworthy... The story of the Elwha River (close to Seattle / USA) after two dams were removed.

The Elwha was featured in the 2016 Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Now the Seattle Times published an article about the changes the river and the enviroment underwent. Click here for mor information.

Created: 22/01/2016

Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Created: 01/01/2016

Happy New Year

Dear supporters and friends,
We wish you all a Happy New Year 2016!

Created: 21/08/2015


World Rivers Day is coming up on
27 September 2015.

Created: 12/08/2015

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Created: 01/08/2015


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We award outstanding research theses in the field of integrated river management.
In 2015 our focus is on reseach dealing with "Rivers in Urban Areas"